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About me



Designer & manager of the company


"WATAPICTCHA !", which literally means "What a picture !" is the name I gave to my young traveling photographer company created in April 2014 and whose main vocation is the wedding and portrait photography, without no restrictions.
I am above all an artist in the soul, a touch to everything that is full of ideas, both photographically and musical, and really feels good only when I create !
My passion for the image, as long as I remember it, I think I have it for "always", but it has really increased tenfold since the death of my father in late 2013.
The latter having bequeathed me a high-end camera, I then made it a duty to exploit its capacities worthily.
Thus I took an in-depth look at the technical part of the picture, reading countless textbooks, and finally passing a degree in photography in March 2014; The experience of the shooting on the ground reinforcing at the same time, my overall control.
I have since collaborated with the magazine Fenua 'Orama for various fashion shootings, in parallel to my usual services.


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